суббота, 30 мая 2009 г.

Our first meet!

Today, we had our first meet! So since now Moscow has his own "Cycle Chic", which originaly comes from http://www.copenhagencyclechic.com/ !
I hope we'll spend more evenings like today, on the 29th of May! I'll put some photos from this day!=))

And big thanks to Askar Ramazanov and MIKAEL COLVILLE-ANDERSEN and all, all, who took a part by this project!

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  1. YES !!
    we made it finally!
    thnx to Valya a lot http://theoryandpractice.ru/users/killacat
    and Sasha for the posters and support http://theoryandpractice.ru/users/hellosasha

    I think we have to ride more often!! And I think Mikael will join us soon again!


  2. Анонимный1 июня 2009 г., 12:40

    I have the photo from the party of you two, send me your e-mail and I will forward it to you. Best regards, and good to see that you did it.

    -Richard (rictro@um.dk)

  3. Welcome! Looking forward to seeing Cycle Chic in Moscow. :)

    I've been to Saint Petersburg and I wish I could have explored the city on bike. I wonder if Moscow is bike-friendly.

  4. Of course it is!=) You can rent a bike, it's better if you take a bigger one, and than just be carefully but, you will see that you aren't only one on a bike..

  5. Thanks for the advice!

    I might be going to Saint Petersburg and Irkutsk next winter. Haven't tried cycling in the snow yet.

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